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To develop ourselves as dancers, to truly progress as milongueros, we all have to dedicate ourselves to the study of the STRUCTURE of the dance, of the TECHNIQUE to better perform it, of the complexities of the CONNECTION with a partner, of the incredible richness of TANGO-MUSIC and of the subtleties of the SOCIAL INTERACTIONS that are inherent of Tango as a social dance.


Therefore, TANGO Y NADA MÁS has developed an integrated method of teaching Argentine Tango in which each learning system, such as our Online Weekly Classes, Online Weekend Seminars or OnCampus Traditional Classes, can be adopted independently or in a complementary way with the others.

Our offer is extensive and so, we invite you to take a pick at all the possibilities you have to choose from and then to follow the forms in order to register or to write us with any questions you may have through the buton CONTACT US below.

TangOnline Weekly

Classes for all levels

This is nowadays becoming one of the most common learning systems in Tango. Not only you can take regular classes with us no matter where you are in the world, but also you can do it from the confort of your home. Weekly monitoring and guidance throughout the growth and learning process of any activity is always an asset that is difficult to quantify, but give it a try. We're positive you won't regret it!

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TangOnline Seminars

Courses for all levels

Every month TANGO Y NADA MÁS promotes regular online Seminars, usually on weekends, that consist of 4 to 6 classes of 60 minutes each. Each seminar is dedicate to a specific main topic in Tango, such as MUSIC EXPRESSION OF TANGO, EMBRACE AND CONNECTION and STRUCTURE OF THE DANCE. Also, each seminar may be targeted at a specific level or at all levels, depending on the subtopics to be addressed. 

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Join us for our traditional "in person" classes in Lisbon

Either because you find yourself in Lisbon by coincidence or because you chose to come here specifically to study Tango with us, know that we have a wide range of possibilities to offer you in what concerns our group in person classes. And you can always combine them with a pack of private classes with one of our teachers. Get in contact with us for a truly immersive Tango experience!

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All Levels # Single | 1 Couple | 2 Couples​

For those who are more shy, who are not available to attend the group classes we have to offer or simply who search for a more personalized approach and a faster and more detailed progression, either online or in person, private classes are the right bet.

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Just fill the form and get immediate access to your

Use the password ilovevals to access your free video tutorials through the tab VALS on the top of the page.

Te gusta el Tango? Estudia.

Fabian Salas

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